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Grade 8 Graduation

Our Grade 8 Graduation will take place on Wednesday, June 29, 2016. The ceremony will be held in the auditorium at North Toronto Collegiate Institute. There is limited seating in the auditorium so each graduate can only have two family members attend the event.

After the ceremony, a dinner and dance will be held at the Toronto Botanical Gardens (TBG). Students will be bussed from North Toronto to TBG and then back to Hodgson. Students will be picked up by parents at the school.

This year we will have a professional photographer from Edge Imaging in attendance to take photos of students receiving diplomas and awards. Parents and families will be able to view and purchase photos of their child about one week after graduation on the website using the log in code of HODP16179 for Hodgson graduates.

Here is the agenda for the evening:

4:30 pm: Students must be at North Toronto and report to assigned classrooms
5:00 pm: Graduation ceremony starts
7:00 pm: Graduates are bussed to the Toronto Botanical Gardens.
7:30 pm: Dinner and Dance at Toronto Botanical Gardens
9:45 pm: Graduates are bussed back to Hodgson
10:15 pm: Parents pick up children at Hodgson Senior Public School

How Can My Child Attend Hodgson?

Hodgson Senior Public School is the Intermediate (grades 7 & 8) school for Grade 6 students graduating from from Davisville PS, Oriole Park PS, Eglinton PS and Maurice Cody PS. Students registered at these schools are automatically transferred to Hodgson at the end of their Grade 6 year.

If your child doesn't attend one of these schools and your child's primary address is in our attendance area (check here), please connect with us at (416) 393-0390 about registering your child at Hodgson.

Please note that we are currently closed to Optional Attendance and we can only register students whose primary address is in our attendance area.

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Hodgson's Schedule

We follow a 10 day cycle, rather than a Monday to Friday cycle, which likely explains why everyone asks, "What day is it today?"  We have six 50 minute periods each day, with periods 1, 2 & 3 before lunch and periods 4, 5, & 6 after lunch. Just to make things a little more complicated, we have 2 minutes of transition time between periods to allow students and teachers to get from one class to another.

Here is our daily schedule:
8:55: Student Entry
9:00-9:50: Period 1
9:52-10:42: Period 2
10:44-11:34: Period 3
11:34-12:30: Lunch recess
12:30: Student Entry
12:35-1:25: Period 4
1:27-2:17: Period 5
2:19-3:09: Period 6
3:09: Dismissal
4:00: School day ends
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(416) 393-0390

282 Davisville Ave
Toronto, ON
M4S 1H2

Superintendent: Sandra Tondat
Trustee: Shelley Laskin

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