Hodgson Staff

Hodgson Staff

You can connect with our staff by telephone at (416) 393-0390 or by e-mail using the addresses below. 

We have created a Google classroom for each homeroom as the one online location for students, parents and teachers to go to get or share information, assignments and homework.  Our teachers will still use their Twitter accounts to communicate and share information about what they are learning and doing in class, but homework, information and assignments will be posted in your child's Google classroom.

Parents can received daily or weekly email updates from their child's Google Classroom account.  Ask your child's teacher to add your email address (Contact Len.Spraggs@tdsb.on.ca or Cindy.Buzadi@tdsb.on.ca if you need some help with Google Classroom.)

Hodgson Staff for 2019-2020


Homeroom Teachers

Rotary Subject Teachers

Ms. Grossman, Grade 6

Ms. M. Cheng, Science

Ms. McBride, Grade 6

Mr. Minta, Physical Education

Ms. Choudhury, Grade 6

Ms. Williams, Math

Ms. Tassone, Grade 6

Mr. Gooch, Music

Mr. Lynch, Grade 6

Ms. Carrette, French

Ms. Relleve, Grade 6

Support Staff

Mr. Handelsman, Grade 6

Mr. Colyn, Educational Assistant

Mme. McBurney, Grade 6/7 EF

Mr. AvalosSpecial Needs Assistant

Ms. La Forest, Grade 7


Ms. F. Cheng, Grade 7

Lunchroom Supervisors

Mr. Spraggs Grade 7

Ms. Grandic

Mr. Tozer, Grade 7

Ms. Mousa

Mr. Pugh, Grade 7

Ms. Capablanca

Ms. Lim, Grade 7

Ms. Castellanos-Lopez

Ms. Stewart, Grade 7


Mme. Noda, Gr. 7/8 EF


Ms. E. Cheng, Gr. 8

Mr. G. Stewart, Gr. 8

Ms. Chiaradia, Grade 8


Mr. De Marco, Grade 8


Ms. Buzadi, Grade 8

Mr. Burnfield

Mr. Mrkich, Grade 8

Mr. Sutherland

Ms. Prosper, Grade 8

Mr. Soto Galicia


Ms. Zamora Orozco


Office Staff

Ms. Colyn, Office Admistrator

Ms. Boroomand, Office Assistant

Ms. Miller-Caise, Vice-Principal

Ms. Campbell, Principal