Lunch Program

The Lunch Program

Parents can choose between two options for their children during our lunch hour.  Parents can give permission for their child to stay in the lunch program at Hodgson or they can give permission for their child to leave the lunch program

Students who in in the lunch program eat in our supervised lunch room in the school’s cafeteria and then are supervised outside on the school yard for the rest of lunch. Students who are in the lunch program do not leave school property during lunch, unless parents have provided written permission (e.g., one day a week eating at home, etc.).  Attendance is taken by our Lunch Room Supervisors and the office follows up on all unexplained absences from the lunch program. If you child is expected to be in the lunch program and wil be absent, please let the school’s office know in advance (email is great).

Students who are NOT in the lunch program must have written parental permission to be out of the program and/or off school property.  (Please note: These students are not supervised during the lunch hour.)  These students can choose to stay on school property (many eat on the benches or the outdoor classroom at the front of the school), to leave school property or to join the lunch program in the cafeteria (many do during rainy or cold winter days). 

Parents complete the lunch permission form in September, but can (and do) change lunch permission throughout the school year by completing a new lunch permission form. Please connect with the school’s office to get a new permission form.