John Fisher Construction Updates

Please visit our Construction and Development Page for updates regarding the on-site construction at John Fisher Public School.


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Be Allergy Aware!

We are an allergy safe zone.

There are a number of children at John Fisher who have life-threatening allergies to nuts that can be triggered by exposure to trace amounts of the allergen. The oil or smell from nuts can cause anaphylaxis in some individuals.

To minimize the risk of exposure at the school the following rules apply:
  • No nuts or foods containing nuts are to be brought into the school.

  • Children should not share their lunches or snacks.

  • For class events and/or cultural celebrations:

Only purchased food that is in the original wrapping and clearly labelled nut-free can be brought to the event.

Thank you for considering the safety of our children by adhering to these rules.

Go Penguins!