Language Arts 

Our school recognizes that language development is an integral part of the thinking and learning processes of most subject areas. Reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing are therefore given appropriate attention across the curriculum as well as through specific language arts activities. 

The focus in our mathematics program is to develop a sound understanding of concepts and relationships, in addition to the acquisition of a wide range of skills. A practical approach is used where possible, drawing on everyday experiences involving problem-solving, together with more formal situations involving textbooks and concrete materials. 

Our core French program begins in Grade 4 and, for some students, is their first experience with a second language. Vocabulary and grammatical structures are introduced in formal instruction and reinforced through games, art, informal dramatizations, music and other functional situations, so that students begin to acquire speaking and listening skills in a natural manner.
Extended French

Our Extended French program is for students who have a deeper desire to learn French, where half the day is dedicated to the oral development French language. Certain subjects are strictly taught in French while others are in English. More information on the TDSB Extended French Program

Our science program encourages children to discover, through direct experience, observation, questions, discussion and simple experiments, the answers to some of the many exciting phenomena they continually encounter. The knowledge and skills in the curriculum are organized into five strands: Life Systems, Matter and Materials, Energy and Control, Structures and Mechanisms, and Earth and Space Systems. 

Social Studies 
Social studies focuses on the interaction of people and the social environment. The program encourages the child to begin to assume social responsibility for her or his own actions and to acquire the attitude of respect for others and their views. 

Visual Arts 
The aim of our program is to allow children to discover their own abilities in creative expression through activities involving a wide range of media and skills. Through their own experiences, they will develop an appreciation and understanding of the creative efforts of other people. 

The music program is delivered by our classroom teachers as well as by itinerant music teachers. Throughout the course of the year, these specialist teachers provide instruction in an ORFF program, as well as band and strings for participating students. 

Health & Physical Education 
In addition to the weekly physical education classes taught by our teachers, the students have many opportunities to keep fit. In the scheduled physical education classes, the main emphasis is on the three F's of Physical Education: FUN, FITNESS and FUNDAMENTALS. Planned activities allow each child to build skills, to maintain a high level of activity and, most of all, to have fun.