Applying to Bloor CI

Grade 9 Main Stream Program

Registration in the Bloor Collegiate Institute Main Stream program generally requires that a prospective student or their family live in our catchment area. Our catchment area can be determined by visiting the TDSB Find Your School Street Guide.

  • If your child currently attends a TDSB Middle School within our catchment area, the EIC Guidance counsellor will ensure that you submit a course selection sheet on time for next year. There is nothing else that you need to do at this time!
  • If your child attends a TDSB Middle School outside of our catchment area, but your family lives within our catchment area, speak with the EIC Guidance Counsellor about submitting a course selection sheet on time for next year.
  • If your child is not currently attending a TDSB school, but lives in our catchment area, please contact the school in January or February to arrange for a registration appointment. You will need to complete a School Registration Package.

Any student not in our catchment area as outlined above must apply under 'Optional Attendance'. See below.

Optional Attendance

Prospective grade 8 students who do not live in the Bloor area may apply to attend Bloor through the Optional Attendance Process. Please note that students may ONLY apply for 2 Regular Schools through Optional Attendance. French Immersion and Gifted programs are not part of the Optional Attendance process.

To learn more about the Optional Attendance procedures please click here

International Students

Students from around the world are welcome to study at Bloor Collegiate Institute! Please visit the TDSB International Students Department website.

TOPS on Bloor

TOPS on Bloor is a special program with a separate application procedure. Please see the TOPS on Bloor section of our website for more information.