BCI / Alpha II Relocation Postponed to 2021

Please see our Bloor CI / Alpha II Redevelopment page for details.


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 Report Card Distribution

Wednesday | November 13

Students will receive their Term 1 Report Cards in homeform.

Report Cards reflect evidence of achievement to date for overall subject expectations in a particular course.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to discuss these reports in more detail by participating in our Parent/Guardian - Teacher Interviews.

 Parent/Guardian - Teacher Interviews

Thursday | November 21

1:30-3:15pm & 5:00-8:00pm

  • Schedule up to five appointments online
  • Detailed appointment instructions here
  • Limited number of walk-in appointments available
  • Limited interpretation services available on-site
  • For further discussion please make appointments through Guidance

 Warm Up with the Arts

Thursday | Dec 5


An evening of art and creativity including:

  • Concert
  • Photography
  • Live Painting

 Graduation Photos



Graduating students and/or their Parent/Guardians should ensure that they confirm or schedule an appointment with Prestige Portraits in order to make arrangements for their graduation photos.

Our Mini Gallery is a sneak peak at some of the wonderful work our students are doing here at BCI. Hover or click each image to learn more about each image.

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