Special Education

Special Education


Introduction of a Universal Screening Process for Grade 3 Students

Effective September 2016, the Toronto District School Board will be introducing a universal screening process for all Grade 3 students across the board. The purpose of this universal screening test is to:

  • Provide information to classroom teachers about the strengths and learning needs of each student in order to better support teachers in programming for students
  • Help teachers to know when to bring a student forward to In School Team (IST) or School Support Team (SST) for programming suggestions
  • Improve equity of access for all students to differentiated programming including the potential identification of students with a gifted exceptionality

More information will be provided to parents this September.

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Our Vision for Special Education

The Toronto District School Board welcomes and supports all students with exceptionalities within well-resourced neighborhood schools. Our District is committed to ensuring that students with special education needs will learn in a supportive and inclusive environment.

We are committed to make, where possible, facilities fully accessible to students, families, staff and communities. Some students with unique strengths and needs may require more specialized and intensive supports. Our goal is to provide these intensive programs and supports equitably across our District.

Every year we review and update our Special Education Plan to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our students, to review current practices, plan for professional learning and to form important partnerships with our community.


Taken from TDSB.on.ca/Special-Education