ECO School

ECO Schools: Gold Status

Charles G. Fraser Public School is proud to be a Gold Level Eco School!   


This is our second year participating in the Ontario Eco Schools Program, which aims to develop environment education and action within our community. Our first year we achieved silver status, and this year we have achieved Gold level status, which reflects the tremendous dedication and enthusiasm of our school. Throughout the school year, staff, students, parents and community members work together on various projects in each of the six sections of certification:

  • Teamwork and Leadership
  • Energy Conservation
  • Waste Minimization
  • School Ground Greening
  • Curriculum
  • Environmental Stewardship
Some of our accomplishments are:
  • Planting a Butterfly Garden
  • Extending the Boomerang Lunch Program to our Kindergartens
  • Implementing a “Power Hour” every Friday to reduce energy usage
  • A school-wide competition to design new recycling bin labels
  • Student-made videos about environmental issues
  • Encouraging safe cycling at our Fun Fair’s Bike Rally

We have a dedicated group of students who form our Eco Club, who meet weekly at lunchtime. They have contributed so much energy and so many fabulous ideas into all our campaigns. They form the core of our Eco Team and we can’t wait to see what initiatives they think of next year!

For further information about the ECO schools program, or to get involved, please contact Jennifer Venalainen (, or Edita Tahirovic (

Check out all the contests facilitated by the Library programme throughout the school year. This contest was held to promote the ECO-SCHOOL and media literacy.

A Monarch butterfly visiting our garden!  Students receiving awards at an Assembly for Energy Monitoring

      A Grade 3 student weighs garbage as part of our Waste Audit

  Students from the Eco Club help Kindergarten Students pack up their garbage as part of Boomerang Lunch.