Child Care Assistant Certificate Program

Child Care Assistant Certificate Program


Registration is open and a few places remain for the program starting in February 2022.  Please pre-register by clicking HERE

The prerequisite for this program is ENG2D or higher or successful completion of an English Assessment indicating equivalent standing.  

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CALC’s Child Care Assistant Program enables you to gain knowledge and practical skills through in-school studies and a co-operative education experience in a licensed day care facility.

You will learn about the important role of a child care assistant while studying child behavior and development from birth to 12 years of age. Students develop strategies needed to communicate with and about children and will acquire an understanding of the skills necessary for effective care giving and professional relationships.  In just 18 weeks, 2 quadmesters, you will earn a certificate and experience in the child care industry and will earn 6 credits towards your secondary school diploma. 


Students may have an opportunity to transition into an CDP - Child Development Practitioner Apprenticeship!

All students working toward their Ontario Secondary School Diploma, (OSSD) may apply to the Child Development Practitioner (CDP) Accelerated OYAP Program through the TDSB’s Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP). Students over 21 with an OSSD are not eligible.

Interested candidates will be coached to apply and will be assisted with their registration with the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development. Applications are due at the beginning of November each year for the following semester (February – June).


Estimated Program Costs $350:

  1. CPR Certificate:  $175 
  2. Food handling Certificate:  $55
  3. Vulnerable Sector Check (Police Recored Search): $20
  4. Health form and required immunizations:  vary depending on students healthcare provider: $100 

*Costs may vary, depending on provider, and are due over the course of the program.  


Course Include:


Raising Healthy Children


Working with Infants and Young Children


Creating opportunities through Co-op (Careers)

Plus a practical experience; 3 linked Cooperative Education Credits: HPC3O1C & HPW3CS

The prerequisite for the program is ENG2D or ENG2P or the successful completion a program specific English Assessment.  Directions will be emailed to candidates once they have completed the questionnaire.



FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: When does the Program start?

A: The CCA programs starts twice a year; in quad 1, September and quad 3, February.

Q: How long is the program?

A:  The program is 18 weeks in length or 2 quads in total

Q:  Does the program run during the summer?

A:  No.

Q: When do the programs begin and finish?

A:  Students begin the program in September (Quad 1) and will finish in January (Quad 2).

     Students begin the program in February (Quad 3) will finish in June (Quad 4).

Q: Are classes online or in person?

A: All CCA classes are in person from 8:25 am - 3:45 pm

Q: Do I have to find my own placement? Yes and No. No - We will help you find a placement. However, if you want to find your own placement, that can be arranged as well. 

Should you have any questions not answered please email:  

In the subject line put CCA Program Inquiry

In the body of the email provide the essence of your question and please include your full name.