Culinary Co-op Program

Culinary Co-op Program



In this program you can gain the knowledge and learn the skills necessary to work in the high paced, exciting world of food preparation in some of the most established and highly regarded restaurants in Toronto, as well as earning credits towards your OSSD. The program consists of 2 courses (TFJ2O and TFJ3C) as well as a co-op placement in the kitchen of a restaurant under the supervision of a chef. The goal of this program is to help you develop skills in food preparation, safe food handling,  workplace safety, professionalism in the kitchen, as well as providing experience in event planning and preparing you for your career in the Ontario hospitality workforce.

Students will need to be available for period 1 (8:30-10:30) for the culinary classes at CALC, and later be available for 6-8 hours a day for the co-op portion of the course at a restaurant or other hospitality venue.  While at CALC you will assist in the preparation of our daily cafeteria offerings and gain hands on experience using many different recipes, tools and styles of food preparation.  While at your co-op placement, you will gain experience and confidence in your new profession, learning the methods common in kitchens right now! 

For information on our Co-op Program please click here  At the end of the program you will receive a Co-op certificate from CALC indicating your placement experience.

Prerequisites: Completed or assessed at ESL DO and Math Grade 9

In your co-op placement you will work in restaurants and facilities such as:

Pizza Libretto                                    Sony Centre for the Performing Arts      

 La Societe                                        Delta Hotel     

Oliver and Bonacini                          Intercontinental Hotel                                  

Thompson Hotel                               Luckee

Kennedy Lodge Long Term Care                                      

You will be expected to be on time at your placement, follow the instructions of the chef and complete your shifts every day. Since this is a co-op placement, it is an unpaid position. However, the skills and contacts that you will develop while at the placement will greatly increase your chances of gaining employment when you are finished school. Currently, cooks and chefs working in some of the better restaurants in Toronto are making from $40000/year and up.




PLEASE attend a general registration session to enrol, see main page for time and dates.