A program offering students the opportunity to earn academic credits while working in paid or volunteer positions during and/or after school

Overview of Co-op program at Contact

It is expected that students interested in this program have already attained a paying or volunteer position before participating. 

Both paid work and volunteer placements may be used to earn credits. All placements must meet TDSB standards for safety, appropriateness, etc. The number of hours used from a paid job is limited and must correspond to times when the Co-op teacher is available to make a monitoring call. Certain jobs (e.g., roofer, tattoo artist, baby-sitter, any unsupervised work, etc) cannot be used for Co-op credit.

Admission to Co-op is based solely on the school’s assessment of the applicant’s academic needs, and the number of places available in the programme at any given time.

All pre-placement requirements (including the signed Work- Education Agreement) must be completed before students may begin to earn credit hours.

Email Vesna.music@tdsb.on.ca OR Scott.davidson@tdsb.on.ca for more details. 

For more information visit: Overview of Co-op Program at Contact School

This site is an important means of keeping students informed of programme requirements. However, it is the responsibility of all students registered in Co-op to keep in personal contact, by 'checking in' on a weekly basis, with their Co-op teachers.


In the case of an accident at the worksite, or for any serious problem, students (in both paid and volunteer jobs) must call the Co-op teachers or the school immediately. Messages may be left on the cell phone at any hour.