Our schedule is strategically structured to maximize credit accumulation and minimize student anxiety.


In addition to offering students a variety of compulsory and elective courses at all grade levels, we also integrate credit recovery into each class, allowing students to focus only on their remaining mark in order to earn their credit. This adaptation has allowed students to earn more than one credit within that class and has given frustrated students a chance to realign themselves and sharpen their focus on their pathway to success.


We also offer an independent credit recovery period each semester. We like to schedule students who have >25 credits and/or are close to becoming 21. This strategy offers that gentle push some students need to cross the finish line. 


We also feature our popular, "Paid Co-Op" program each semester. This unique co-op program allows students to acquire two or more credits while working at their part-time job from which they are already employed. Getting paid to earn credits! If you are interested in this, please click on the Co-Op tab to the left.


Our 2021/22 school schedule has just been finalized and we are proud to offer the following courses.

English - Gr 9 - 12 (all levels) / Writer’s Craft (EWC4C/U)

Math - Gr 9 - 11 (all levels)

Science - Gr 9/10 (all levels), Gr 11 Biology (C/U), Gr 11 Environmental Science (C/M)

Phys-Ed (co-ed) - Gr 9 - 12 (PPL, PAF)

Female Fitness - Gr 9 - 12

History - Gr 9/12 (all levels)

Geography - Grade 9 (all levels)

Art - Gr 9 - 12 (NAC, AVI)



Personal Life Management - Grade 12 (HIP4O)

Equity and Social Justice - Gr 11 and 12 (HSE3E/4M)

Green Industries - Grades 11 and 12 (THJ3/4M)

Introduction to Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology - Gr 11 (HSP3C/U)

Culinary Arts - Gr 11/12 (HFA4C/U, HFC3E/M, HFL4E)

Law - Gr 11 and 12 (CLU3M/E, CLN4C) 

For more information regarding courses we are offering in the 2020/21 school year, please email or call him at 437-772-4068. You may also call the school at 416-393-1455.