Early ON Centre

Early ON Centre

At Crescent Town Elementary School we have an Early ON Centre.

The centre is open Monday to Friday from 8am-12pm.

For Parents

Becoming a parent is an exciting time; but sometimes, new parents can feel lonely. Visit your local Early ON Centre and relax with other parents and our friendly experts. Parents love our services. Our experienced parent workers connect you with the right services, from home childcare to healthcare for your child's hearing, vision and speech development.

We can help you connect with services faster than you can find information on your own.

For Your Children

You are your child's first and most important teacher. Your bond is the greatest influence on your child's success at school. The pre-school years are crucial, setting the stage for your child to grow and develop. 

We build on your success and make Kindergarten an easy transition for your child. Avoid fears and tears as your children simply move from the Parenting and Family Literacy Centre to their new Kindergarten classroom and teacher.

Our program provides an opportunity for you and your child to learn together and helps you give your child every advantage.

It is wonderful to watch your little ones playing happily. Bring your children for music and story time, snack time, art activities, sand and water play and puzzles designed to develop reading, writing and math concepts to help them get ready for Kindergarten.