School Profile

Welcome to Crescent Town Elementary School

At Crescent Town E.S., we pride ourselves in knowing and honouring "who our students are, their identities, abilities and lived experiences."  We welcome the work of our teaching and support staff and our community partners and the strong connections we have with our families.  Together, we continue to build on, change and create the conditions that our students need to feel JOY, ENGAGEMENT and a SENSE OF BELONGING. 

To our new and newcomer families joining us for the first time: Welcome.  We invite you all to become actively involved in the many programs offered at the school.   At the TDSB, we have seen evidence of our parent/guardian engagement in a child’s education has positive impacts on their learning and well-being and we encourage you to stay connected to Crescent Town as much as possible.  Please follow this link on Parent Engagement for more information and opportunities: 

Crescent Town Elementary School JK - 04

  • Principal: Avinash Mani 
  • Vice Principal(s): vacant
  • Office Staff: Gail Lendor
  • School Council Chair(s): Razia Rashed & Tamalika Saha
  • Superintendent: Nadira Persaud
  • Trustee: Michelle Aarts
  • Address: 4 Massey Sq, East York, ON M4C5M9
  • Phone: 416-396-2340
  • Fax: 416-396-2903
  • Email:
  • Twitter: @crescent_town

School History

In 1897, Walter Massey bought land extending from Dawes Road to Pharmacy and from Danforth Road north beyond what is now called Wilket Park Creek. He named the property Dentonia Park Farm in honour of his wife, Susan Denton.

The farm originally started as a summer estate and a “means of providing pure air and wholesome food, especially pure milk” for his children. When Walter Massey died, his wife took over the operation of the farm. In 1913, she began construction of a large estate house. It had over one hundred rooms, including darkrooms, library, auditorium and an indoor swimming pool. In 1933, Mrs. Massey gave the big house and fifty acres to Crescent School, a preparatory school for boys, ages seven to fourteen. After many years, Crescent School moved and the construction of condominiums began shortly after, in 1968. The Crescent School is now located on Bayview Avenue.

Crescent Town School, first opened to students in 1973. The school enrollment was slightly in excess of five hundred, over the years declined to three hundred and is presently approximately seven hundred students from many countries around the world. The school has undergone large additions and addition projects for full day kindergarten requirements.