School Programs

Certified EcoSchool

Crescent Town Elementary School is a platinum certified ecoschool. Our green team students are leaders in our school who promote reducing waste and energy use, reusing materials, and recycling.

OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) Play Policy

  1. Kids have the right to play
    • Here at Crescent Town we are committed to creating a supportive environment for play. 
  2. We value time and choice to play
    • Play is an integral and necessary part of a child’s healthy development. Play is required in the development of a variety of cognitive and social skills, in addition to the development of mental and physical health and resiliency.
  3. Our play is self-directed, child-led, fun and inclusive
    • We believe that play is an important development opportunity for children to problem solve, socialize, grow and create.
    • Play is the freedom to choose how to spend your time your own way.
    • Play is unstructured and child-led. 
  4. We provide the space for all students to be active and engaged:
    • At Crescent Town we advocate for enhanced access to diverse play opportunities.
  5. We understand the risk, challenges and benefits of play.
    • Our school acknowledges that taking risks is an essential step in the development of the child, and thus benefits their social, emotional and physical well-being.
    • We will work to form a shared understanding of risk vs. hazard ( we will aim to encourage play that is as safe as needed, not as safe as possible) 
    • All decisions will carefully consider the benefits to the child. 
  6. Adults support safe and fun play:
    • We see children as competent and capable. 
    • Adults in our school community should be part of the environment. They are sensitive and attuned to each child’s needs. Adults are observers of play. 
  7. We share responsibility for our play environment, and setting up/cleaning up our yard. 
    • Students can choose to explore a variety of loose play materials in their environment. 
    • Our funding decisions will honour the commitment and value of play. 
    • With the right to enhanced play opportunities, all students share the responsibility to clean-up and take care of the OPAL yard.

 The Hammerband at Crescent Town ES

The Hammer Band’s From Violence to Violins program is provided to children in priority neighbourhoods in Toronto who may otherwise never have an opportunity to learn music or play an instrument. Students participate in free ensemble music lessons taught on violins which are lent to them for the year. These music lessons are conducted by world-class musicians and experienced teachers, and are offered to children regardless of their background, financial situation, or previous musical experience. This is an intensive program which teaches children both music AND life skills. 

Introducing young people to violins and music develops listening skills and self-respect, pride in their accomplishments and sensitivity to others. Learning and playing the violin brings young people into a positive learning environment. More time with the violin means less time on the street. For more information, go to