Volunteers are important to Crescent Town!

***Due to Health and Safety precautions, we are limiting the number of people at Crescent Town.  At this time, volunteers are not permitted in the school.***

 at We hope that parents will become involved in the many and varied programs offered at the school. As well as classroom assistance, parents are invited to work in the Library and Computer Lab, on school trips or in special programs. It is mandatory for all volunteers to attend an introductory workshop and to have a completed police check. If interested, please phone the office.

The Volunteer Program at Crescent Town Public School

  • Provides more individual attention to children
  • Affirms the uniqueness of each child by listening, talking, being available as an interested party
  • Bridges the gap between home and the classroom
  • Gives pupils more contact with a variety of adults
  • Supplements Crescent Town Public School resources with the special knowledge and talents of volunteers
  • Stimulates parent interest in their children’s education and develop positive attitudes toward it
  • Gives parents an expanded understanding of current educational trends
  • Stimulates an informed community to actively support the public education
  • Encourages parents to be ambassadors for Crescent Town Public School
  • Supports classroom activities and excursions