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                     Small School Big Thinking

      A respectful, warm, welcoming, and friendly environment for students.

Delphi Secondary Alternative School is an alternative TDSB school that offers academic courses in grades 9 through 12, leading students to the path of their choice. Small classes, independent and group learning, mindfulness, extensive computer use, mental health, and an integrated approach to curriculum are key features of our program.

Delphi is designed for self-motivated, independent, and intellectually curious learners who enjoy a challenge, demonstrate commitment to learning, and who are responsible and capable of handling decreased structure. The timetable combines regularly scheduled, compulsory classes, with research periods so that students can direct more time to independent and collaborative study.

At Delphi students are encouraged to become involved in leadership development and other co-curricular activities. Our flexible timetable provides the opportunity for students to pursue interests outside of the school that may not be possible in a more traditional school setting. The development of the whole person through positive and mutual helpful interaction with staff and students is essential to the school's concept of a well rounded education.

Please see our school pamphlet for more information.Delphi Information Pamphlet

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Head of Program at 416-396-6919.