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Grade 12 Student

Delphi is much more than a school. It's a place where my individuality is recognized and celebrated. A place where I have been able to forge unbreakable bonds with the great diversity of students and teachers in a caring and relaxed environment while being encouraged to strive to my fullest potential in small class settings . A place where I was offered an amazing opportunity to gain an enriched understanding and appreciation for the mathematical beauty of art and the natural world through taking the one of a kind Art of Math course. A place where I am extensively prepared for independent learning at university and throughout life through a timetable that offers me the flexibility to manage my school work, social life and volunteering responsibilities. A place where I am able to develop leadership skills and channel my energy in a variety of extracurricular activities such as the Student Activity Council, Debate Club and Yearbook committee. With these two hallways and a ramp being my home and the wonderful teachers and students being my family, I can truly say that Delphi has been the backbone to my success.
              Mishal Saeed

Grade 9 Student

I’ve only been at Delphi Secondary for about a month, but I have enjoyed every single day of it so far. I instantly bonded with all my schoolmates and the staff as well. All the teachers are amazing, they are committed and dedicated to helping us students. They’re willing to help out every minute of every day. This is one of the great things about Delphi’s small size– you get to know and bond with everyone quickly. The older students are really supportive as well, and have helped me out with all of my work so far. I commute to and from Etobicoke every day, but it’s worth it. So far, my experience has been awesome.

                                  Raman Jain

Grade 10 Student

Delphi is very community-oriented, and at no point was I lost or confused. Both the staff and your fellow students are always there to guide and help you along, offering an endless supply of support.

                     Raphael Beekmeyer

Graduate Student

Back when I was in Grade 8, I heard about the school from a flyer and, with a spark of interest, I decided to attend an Open House. The friendly students and teachers, comfortable environment, and interesting academic system really grabbed my attention. I applied immediately. Now, with almost 4 years of experience at this school, I can wholeheartedly say that I am glad that I did not think twice about my decision to apply to Delphi. Within just a few weeks of experiencing the school, witnessing everything from how closely knit this family of teachers and students across the grades truly is, to how effective this unique learning environment can be, I was assured that I was where I belonged. If you are a student who is able to strive without the need of heavy structure or constant guidance and would like to enrich yourself with an exclusive experience during this important next stage in your life, I would highly recommend that you consider applying to this school. Delphi Secondary Alternative School is not only a great place to develop academically, but also, to grow as a person, and I hope that you choose to seize this wonderful opportunity to become a member of our community.

    Athithan Karunakaran

Grade 10 Student

Despite not being at Delphi for very long, I can truly say that it is a school like no other. I have already learned a lifetimes worth of knowledge, even though it is only my second year here. What’s different here compared to anywhere else is that the teachers are beyond the bare minimum, and are committed to ensuring student success regardless of any means. Whether it be staying after class or communicating online during evenings and weekends to help us, they’re always available. I find that this has really helped me greatly, as I am always able to get clarification on my work. Even besides the quality of learning here, the environment is awesome. Everyone is extremely welcoming and accepting, and always willing to help. Seldom do I find myself in need of company, as there are always friendly faces around me. This quite potent combination of excellent education, reliable teachers, and kind peers makes Delphi truly an amazing place to go everyday, and I always look forward to walking through those welcoming doors every morning.

                      Natasha Saeed

Grade 11 Student

Delphi is a great place that encourages students to excel in academics through the intensive and engaging programs offered as well as physically through Physical Education and kinesiology courses. The smaller environment is very fruitful in getting students to work to the best of their potential and explore their creativity. The highly experienced teachers are also very efficient through their thoughtful and original assignments. Delphi is an excellent preparatory school for post secondary education. Delphi also strives to break the grade barrier and get seniors to help new students in getting accustomed to the environment and the work.

                          Hans Bisoo

Grade 12 Student

I am proud to tell people I go to Delphi. Delphi is a small school, with students who attend come by choice. We are not redirected to Delphi, we are instead accepted into this extraordinary community. Throughout my time here, I have learned and developed into a more rational and critical thinker. We are always told to question and that questions are welcomed. We are also told to make a difference because we can. In Delphi, we are able to depend on people from multiple grades and come together as a family, due to the smaller school size. Through our time, we become strong individuals with brains rather than mere circuitry. We learn to use our time wisely, and are encouraged to be creative. Despite being off the geographical chart for most of the general public, I am proud to be a Delphinian because I know that taking this step is preparing me for my future.

                        Caitlyn Coll

Grade 11 Student

This school has the best environment for a student that is mature, intelligent and independent. With its extensive independent study time and small population is makes for a great place to depend on solely your working skills for success, also helping you prepare for university. This school is heavily based on the academic learning level and houses a flourishing visual arts program as well as very strong academic math, science, French and English programs, just to mention a few. The school also has the art of math course for grade twelve, the only course of its kind in the TDSB. But the most apparent and defining feature of Delphi is the welcoming close knit environment that our school has to offer. In very few other high schools will you see grade twelves helping grade nine students. With just four classrooms, a student lounge, a computer area and a full blown science lab, this school is an academic enclave for any academic level student. I love this school and enjoy the environment that is created but is also alternative, university based high school system. I would recommend this school any day.

                                 Shivan Singh