Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a private school?
We are a fully funded public TDSB school.

Are your credits the same as other schools?
They are exactly the same.  

Do universities recognize your credits?
Absolutely.  There is no difference.  Many of our students receive scholarships, and most are accepted to the program of their choice.

What is your university acceptance rate?
Approximately 90%

Do you offer Applied/College level courses.
Only Applied/College Mathematics is offered, in addition to a full Academic/University math program.  All other courses are offered only at the Academic/University level.

Do you have a music program?
No, but students are able to participate in their home school's music program.

Do you have extra-curriculars?
Yes! We have many school clubs including: GSA, Environment & Justice Club, Yearbook, Fitness Club and Nutrition Club. We also have a Student Council comprising of four executives, 4 grade reps and each individual club rep. Students determine which clubs they want to have. 

Do you have sports?
We have extra-curricular and intramural sports activities, including Fitness Club. Students are also able to try out for team sports with their home school. 

Is your school a safe, inclusive space?
Absolutely! Teachers and students cultivate an inclusive environment that welcomes and empowers all students regardless of identity. Through our courses, clubs and school-wide initiatives, we always employ equitable practices and promote a variety of social justice causes. 

Do you have a gender neutral bathroom?
Yes! Students have the option of using whichever bathroom makes them the most comfortable, as outlined in the TDSB's Guidelines for Accommodation of Transgender and Gender Independent/Non Conforming Students and Staff which applies to all TDSB schools.

Is your school wheelchair accessible?
Sadly not.

Is there support for students with special needs?
We have full support including a Special Education Teacher, Education Assistant, Public Health Nurse, Mental Health Nurse, Guidance Counsellor and Social Worker. However, we do not have withdrawal classroom space. 

How easy is it to get to your school?
Our school is just a quick bus ride from Finch / Sheppard / Scarborough Town Centre routes.

What do I bring to my interview?
Only the grade 8s bring a current report card and final grade 7 report card.  All others bring a current credit-counselling summary.  Everyone should bring an exemplar of their work. Students under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.