The Application Process

We accept students normally for each of our semesters (September, February) although we also admit students continually if circumstances are beneficial to them.  We hold an Information Night / Open House in early December each year, where you can find out about our school and begin the registration process.  In addition, you can always contact our school to receive more information. 

If you are a Grade 8 student looking to join us for Grade 9, please speak with your school administration and have them contact us to determine next steps. Also, if your parents/guardians would like to initiate contact, please call 416-396-6919.

If you are a current Grade 9 to 12 student please speak with your guidance counselor and have them contact us in order to obtain our Student Information Form; once we receive the form, we will follow up with next steps. 

It's that easy!

When considering Delphi ask yourself the following questions;

1. Am I able to handle an all-academic program? All of the courses in grade 9-12 are at the academic/university level and we aim to cover the entire curriculum. 

2. Am I a responsible and a self-motivated learner? To keep up with the pace of classes, students will benefit from good learning skills such as time management, organization and initiative. 

3. Am I most comfortable and successful when there are a limited amount of people around me? Delphi provides a dynamic learning experience within a smaller school setting. 

4. Am I looking for a space that is welcoming, inclusive and mindful of mental health and social justice? Delphi embraces everyone while advocating for their safety and well-being, and for positive social change.