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Tests and Quizzes

 Quiz #1- Integers and Fractions February 2018



 A Search for Patterns 

Due:  February 2018


30% Summative

PROJECT-half of 30% summative
Cooler Report

 Due Date:  June 2018

EQAO-other half of 30% summative

Writing Date:  June

Writing Time:  10:00 am

Writing Location:  Rooms 23 and 24  



Geometry ISU

Dynamic Geometry Software is used to provide a more rich learning experience than paper and pencil alone.  Assigned as an ISU with progressive deadlines provides you with the opportunity to develop independent work habits such as goal setting and time management skills:  habits crucial for success in this school.  The requirements for completion and submission of work are outlined below.

Name the files you create as the item names below.  For example, for September name the file  11.1Inv5Q6.gsp. 
Create a folder and drop your file(s) into it.  Name the folder as First Name Last Initial Month.   For example:  NickNSept

You'll find the appropriate DropOff folder on the desktop here:  Delphi-->1102-DropOff-->Grade 9 Math-->ISU 

Now put the folder with your GSP files into the ISU folder.  Once dropped in , you won't be able to get them back. 

Note:  Links to the questions below will be uploaded the second week of February 2018

11.1 Inv 5 and Q6 Due: February 2018
11.2 Inv 3;  11.3 Q10 Due: February 2018
11.4 Inv 3;  11.5 Q4 Due  March 2018
11.6 Inv 4 Due: March 2018
11.7  AcademicFocus and Q 13 Due:  April 2018
11.9 AF and 11.11 # 4 and 5 Due: April 2018
11.12  #1,2 and 3 Due: May 2018
11.13 Investigation 5 and CYS #12ac and 15 Due: May 2018
CYS #23 Two Point Perspective Box. The vertical edges of the box must remain vertical as you drag any edge or corner of the box.  Also, only the box and the horizon line should be visible.
Due: May 2018


Evaluation Breakdown

 Assignments  30%
 Tests and Quizzes  30%
 Geometry ISU  10%
 Year End Summative  30%



Algebraic Operations and Equations
Linear Functions
Powers and Roots
Geometry-See ISU


Link to Ministry Curriculum

Late assignments will be marked provided the class set has not yet been marked.  Once the class set is marked any late assignments will be checked for completeness then omitted from your average.  You are allowed one omitted assignment.  
Any missed tests must be followed up next class with a note from a parent or guardian indicating that they knew you were away on a test day. Arrangements may be made to make up the test.