Student Council

Student Council


Here are our 2020-2021 Delphi Student Council Members:

President                     Metuschelah Alcius

Vice President             Leon Wollesen

Treasurer                Veer Ramrakhiani

Secretary                 Wania Syed

Grade 9 Rep            Esther Moon                                                        

Grade 10 Rep          Alyssa Callaghan-Fair             

Grade 11 Rep          Emma Christie        

Grade 12 Rep         Naila Mohamed           

Student Council meetings happen remotely every Wednesday after school. 

Individual Club Reps also hold a seat in the Student Council. 

If you would like information on how to join or start a club, or have a question or suggestion for the Council, please contact any one of the members (in person or email) or drop off a written note in the DSC Suggestions Box located at the front of the school.

Please check out the Delphi Student Council Constitution for more details on the club's purpose and structure. Delphi Student Council Constitution