Our Staff

Earl Grey School Staff:


Office Staff:


Mr. B. Vatzolas


Ms. K. Ebanks

Office Administrator

Mr. G. Poursanidis

Office Assistant 

Ms. D. Hamilton


Caretaking Staff:

Head Caretaker

Mr. R. Sloviak

Caretaking Staff

Mr. K. Callaghan, Mr. D.Cole, Ms. S. Marsden



Teaching Staff:

Mr. J. Giles  

Grade 8 French Immersion

Mr. A. Doyle


Grade 7 English

Mme. Y. Coto

Mme. D. Wright


Grade 7 French Immersion 

Grade 8 French Immersion

Mr. J. Ambrosio 

Ms. F. Fotiadis

Ms. C. Fidgen

Ms. J. Franklin


Grade 7 Math & Science

Grade 7 & 8 Math, Science

Grade 8 Language

Grade 7  Language

Ms. J. Miller


Grade 8 English

Mr. D. Halfnight


Grade 7& 8 Extended French, 

Mme. M. Legault


Grade 7 French Immersion

Mme. L. Leveille

Mme. P. Au Coin


Grade 8 Extended French

Grade 7 Extended French

Ms. J. Yang

Ms. F. Caraiscos


Grade 7 English

Grade 7 English

Mr. G. Papadopoulos

Mr. D. Ling


Grade 8 English

Grade 7 & 8 Language

Mr. S. Smith


Science, Mathematics     

Ms. M. Hountalas


Autism ISP

Ms. L. TenBroeck


Learning Disabilities ISP

Mr. J. Sneyd


Autism ISP

Ms. J. Pirbhai 

Grade 7& 8 Extended French
Ms. D. Vidovic
   Home School - Grade 7 & 8


Ms. J. Brown 
Ms. N. Pacania
Ms. S. Siakotos

 Lunchroom Supervisors


Support Staff:

Ms. A. Chiu

Mr. H. Javanshir


Aquatics Instructor

Aquatics Instructor

Ms. C. Kyle


Educational Assistant

Ms. N. Kostopoulos


Educational Assistant

Ms. S. Seelochand


Child and Youth Worker

 Mr. J. Dunlop    Child and Youth Worker 


Professional Services

Ms. K. Hicks  


Social Worker

 Ms. A. Anjum    Psychological Services