Nutrition Program

Nutrition Program

Eatonville Junior School has a long tradition of providing a healthy Nutrition Program for students.  Parents and teachers recognize the link between good nutrition and academic success.  The program introduces young children to new foods, tastes and textures.  It features low fat, low sugar and high fibre foods that students should be eating to fuel their bodies instead of high caloric/low nutrient snack foods.  The program takes into consideration students' dietary requirements (e.g. halal) and students'  food allergies/sensitivities (e.g. gluten-free, lactose intolerance).  

What does the Nutrition Program look like?

Each day students receive a healthy snack that meets the Student Nutrition Program Nutrition Standard.  The program uses full serving sizes according to Canada's Food Guide and offers a variety of food.  At Eatonville, we provide three (3) food groups daily:  dairy, fruits or vegetables and grains.  Our Nutrition Coordinators order food from TDSB Nutrition Services and supplement with fresh fruits and vegetables that come directly from the Food Terminal in Toronto through Food Share.  As well, 2% milk and chocolate milk is sold for 50 cents at lunch time. 

Sample foods

yogurt cups oranges muesli pita
cheese strings apples mini muffin
yogurt tubes carrots wholegrain crackers
cream cheese apple sauce rice cakes
milk veggies and dip wholegrain cookie
melon mini bagel

How is the Nutrition Program funded?

The Nutrition Program is partially funded through grants from The Toronto Foundation for Student Success.
Parent contributions make up the rest of the funding. Eatonville asks parents to contribute $20 twice yearly. Contributions are voluntary, however, they are vital to the sustainability of the program. Other sources of income come from milk sales at lunch. This year, the Nutrition Program plans to run three pizza days for students and any profits will go to the program as well.

Term 1 Nutrition Letter

Parent Contribution Form

Meet our Nutrition Coordinators 

Mrs. Wheeler and Mrs. Stuckless