School Day Information

Early Dismissal

If your child needs to leave school early (e.g. doctor appointment), please send a note with your child to inform the classroom teacher. For security reasons, we can not dismiss a child into the care of someone other than his or her parent or guardian  without prior approval in writing; the school will request identification from the person who is picking up the child such as a driver's license.

Students leaving early or arriving late must be signed in at the office. All early pick-ups / dismissals must be made through the main office.

Attendance and Punctuality

Regular attendance and punctuality at school is mandatory under the Education Act. Lateness and absences hamper the progress of your child. If we have not been notified of your child's absence, automated telephone calls will be sent to parents.

It is essential that the school has current telephone numbers for home and work in case of an emergency.

Parents are encouraged not to take children on an extended vacation during the school year. An absence outside of regular holidays can be detrimental to academic progress. 

Lunch Period

Most of our students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 eat lunch at school. 

Kindergarten students eat in their classrooms with a Lunchroom Supervisor and an ECE to help and support them.  Students go outside for up to 30 minutes under the supervision of the Lunchroom Supervisor. 

Students in Grades 1 to 5 eat lunch in their classrooms; there is a Primary and a Junior Lunchroom Supervisor to look after 8 classes.  Students go outside for up to 30 minutes once they have finished eating.

Students need to bring their lunch to school each day.  There are no provisions for heating up lunches.   Chocolate milk and 2% white milk, is available for sale each day for 50 cents per 250 ml carton.

Students are expected to follow lunchroom routines and expectations.  Students are expected to respect the environment by recycling and discarding garbage appropriately inside and outside the school.