Nutrition Program

Our Nutrition Program

Nourishing our Children

It’s simple: when children are hungry, they can’t focus, and if they can’t focus, they can’t learn. That’s why more than 750 school-based Student Nutrition Programs (SNPs) provide over 170,000 nutritious meals every school day. Here, students eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, or a snack so that they can focus on learning rather than hunger.

 All students are offered a Morning Snack and Afternoon Snack, following Toronto Public Health policies.  These nutrition breaks consist of 2 food groups and are distributed prior to the start of morning and afternoon recess. Snacks will be eaten in the classroom.  During COVID-19 we will be following TPH policies as they apply to COVID-19.  Foods are carefully selected by the nutrition program co-ordinators and follow recommendations from Canada's Food Guide.

  • a serving of vegetables or fruit
  • a serving of a whole wheat grain
  • a serving of milk or alternative


Although we receive funding from provincial and municipal grants, these funds cover only a small percentage of the cost of running the program. ALL donations are welcome and greatly appreciated.

Common Food Items Include:

Whole Wheat Cheerios, Apples, Pears,  Yogurt, Cheese, Whole Grain Rice Cakes, Mini Carrots, Cucumbers, Peppers

TDSB's statement on student nutrition: