Our Staff and Classes

Our Classes and Staff


Office Staff



Jeffrey Newman


Mary Wiseman


Caretaking Staff Positions

Head Caretaker


Evening Caretaker




Classes Taught

JK/SK A (K1)                                   


JK/SK B (K2)


Grade 1   


Grade 1/2


Grade 2/3


Grade 3/4


Grade 4/5 A


Grade 4/5 B


PRESCHOOL Deaf and Hard of Hearing -AM & PM Program



JK/SK Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program -With integration in JK/SK classes


Primary Autism -Grades 1-3


Junior Autism- Grades 4-5


Music - AM

Resource - PM- Two teachers dedicated for resource support for students




French / Media Literacy- French is provided to all students in Grades 4 & 5


Physical Education & Health / Library


Support Staff Positions:

Designated Early Childhood Eductor JK/SK 1

Designated Early Childhood Eductor  JK/SK-2

Educational Assistant Deaf and Hard of Hearing


Educational Assistant  AM/ SNA PM

Educational Assistant


Special Needs Assistant/Educational Assistant - Diagnostic Kindergarten


PRESCHOOL Deaf and Hard of Hearing Educational Assistant


Special Needs Assistant


Child and Youth Worker-Primary Autism


Child and Youth Worker-Junior Autism


Lunchroom Supervisors








Nutrition Program




Early On: Parenting Centre