Outdoor Play and Learning

Outdoor Play and Learning

 UPDATE:  A modified OPAL program has launched at FAIRBANK MEMORIAL COMMUNITY SCHOOL.  

OPAL stands for: Outdoor Play and Learning

Our Guiding Principles are:

- Are you prepared?

- Is it safe?

- Is it inclusive?

- Is it fun?

EVERY COHORT has been provided with a bucket of loose parts to be shared only within their cohort.  Loose parts may include: shovels, pots and pans, crates, potatoe mashers, trays and so much more!

Already, our students are using their creativity, collaboration skills, imagination, and problem solving.  The outdoor play and learning has been so valuable for our students developing their oral language as well.  

Students will be going outside every day, rain or shine.  We will follow TDSB's extreme weather policy. If possible send your child with appropriate outdoor clothing for the weather: rubber boots, snow pants, splash pants, extra socks, etc.

Students will be outside for regular outdoor learning every day.  They will also have 2 ten minute recess breaks, and 1 sixty minute lunch recess.  It will be important for ALL students to dress according to the weather!

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Over the course of the year, you may begin to notice some changes to how we play outdoors at recess and lunch hour, and how we connect play to students’ learning.

These many include:

  • more creative and open-ended ways to play outside
  • more opportunities for students to take responsibility for their play
  • play with upcycled materials and natural loose parts
  • outdoor play in all-weather and all seasons
  • more guided learning on how students manage risk in play


We are eagerly looking forward to the development of the OPAL program and more exciting play coming soon to our school yard!

Please watch (and / or click through) this slide show to learn more about OPAL: