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Glamorgan Junior Public School (GR. JK-06)

Proudly serving the Dorset Park community.

Glamorgan Junior Public School is located in northern Dorset Park, a thriving community south of Highway 401 and west of Kennedy Road. The school property was once owned by William Loveless and his family. The public school, opened in 1974, is named after a county in Wales, and the school logo is the Welsh Griffin. Children who attend Glamorgan can easily walk from the apartments, condominiums, and townhomes in the area.  A beautiful park adjacent to the school provides many recreational facilities for the students, including a playground, basketball court, baseball diamond, community meeting spaces, and a splash park.  Glamorgan JPS is proud to serve this dynamic and diverse community.

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Phone:(416) 396-6275
Address:51 Antrim Cres, Scarborough, ON, M1P 4N4
Principal:Aldo Petrucci
Vice-Principal(s):Andrea Statton
Office Staff:Carmela Caranci
Helena Flampor
School Council Chair(s):Hemant Panchpor
Ali Mohammad Dawlat Zai
Superintendent:Jacqueline Spence
Learning Network:LN13
Trustee:Neethan Shan
Ward:Ward 17