Breakfast Program

Breakfast Program

School year 2021-2022-Due to COVID-19, our school breakfast program will be operating differently.  Classes will be receiving muffins (nut-free, vegan) which students can enjoy at snack time.  Thanks very much to parent volunteer, Catherine McAllister, for the weekly organization for this nutrition break.



***School year 2019 - 2020 program begins September 4,  2019.  Please remember to return the registration form and fee.***

Gledhill Public School offers a breakfast program five days a week. More than just about food, this program deals with many aspects of a student's life in school and beyond. Once they have had breakfast, their brain cells have engaged by the time they get to class. They have had their food, some socialization and done a good deed for the day by helping out others in the Breakfast Club. People sometimes ask me why we have a Breakfast Club and I tell them that that there are many reasons. Some kids (not just at our school) aren't able to have breakfast at home in the morning because it is simply not available or they may not want to eat when they first get up. They may have to be up early because parents leave for work early or because they have to get the school bus. In addition, however, is the fact that our Club is also a social event. The kids get to come, see their friends, help with breakfast and head off. These students help make lunches for the office (in case a lunch gets lost between home and the lunchroom), fill and deliver a tray of milk, apples, cheese strings and other good food if someone is hungry in the middle of the day, and pick up and return the attendance binder. They serve fruit, smoothies and the entree of the day and generally help keep things running smoothly. We are now posting the menus here for each month so you can see what your children are eating. 

Interested in Volunteering? The Breakfast Program would not happen without the fantastic parent volunteers that we have. They dedicate one, two, or more mornings a month to ensure breakfast keeps being delivered. With five days a week, it is even more important to have a good roster of volunteers. We ask for about 1 1/2 hours a morning to help prep, serve and clean up. Many companies encourage community volunteering and that is exactly what this is. If you can swing it, we would love to have you volunteer. Just email the Program Coordinator, at to volunteer. The kids (and adults) will thank you. Once you volunteer, you will see how much it means. 

Able to Make a Donation? With five days a week, we spend a good amount on food. If you would like to donate a gift card from Valumart or Sobeys,  it would be appreciated. You could deliver it to the school office with a note to the staff stating what it is for.  You can also donate by writing a cheque.  Please make the cheque payable to: Gledhill Breakfast Club 

**TAX RECEIPT** If you would like to receive a tax receipt for donations over $10, you must make your cheque payable to: Toronto Foundation for Student Success and write Gledhill Breakfast Club on the cheque. Your mailing address must also be on the cheque.