School and Community Association (SACA)

Parent Council Meeting Dates for the 2023-2024 School Year

Our meeting dates for the months ahead will be:

Future Council Dates: 

Location: Gledhill Public School

Time: 6:30

Tuesday, November 21st

Thursday, February 8th

Tuesday, April 16th

Thursday, May 30th

Council Formation: 

Ms. Lindsay Tarvit – Co-Chair

Ms. Kristen Grinyer – Co-Chair

Ms. Jennifer Cotton – Secretary

Ms. Suriya Ramprasad – Treasurer

Ms. Gloria Chung – School Improvement/ Mental Health Rep

Ms. Marcia Rodriguez – Ward 16 Rep

Ms. Erin Kurl – School Improvement/ Mental Health Rep/ Ward 16 Rep

as well, as other parents that will support but do not hold a position. 

 We encourage you to consider joining us this year as we work together to  look for opportunities to support our school. No contribution is too small! Questions? Feel free to contact us at


SACA Background

It is extremely important for parents to get involved in their child`s education. Our school has an elected School and Community Association (SACA) that is a forum for involving all members of the school community in issues that affect the education of students. SACA is made up of a committee of parents/guardians, staff, the principal, and a general membership which includes all  guardians of children attending the school. SACA advises the principal on a variety of issues and activities relating to student achievement, curriculum goals and priorities, school budget priorities, school safety, after school activities, and criteria for selection of new principals. Please contact the school or come to an SACA meeting to find out more about how families can be involved at Gledhill.