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January 11-Gledhill staff and community are horrified by the events that occurred last week in the United States.  Our school is dedicated to teaching about tolerance and justice and fighting against anti-racism, anti-indigenous racism, anti-Semitism and all forms of hate.  As a school staff we are continuing to dedicate ourselves to uncovering and addressing implicit bias to support our school equity goal:  " If we learn to identify our personal biases and belief systems, and to recognize how our views and biases impact our understanding of our students and their needs, then the removal of these barriers will result in a more caring and equitable school environment with high expectations for all."

Please see the resources below that were shared in June for parents to discuss race and racism with children.

Picture Books:  Equity and Diversity Storytime

Talking About Race and Racism with Children

Discussing race and racism can be a difficult conversation for many adults and the thought of speaking directly with children about it can be daunting. Nevertheless, it cannot be ignored if we are committed to living in a more just world where everyone’s human rights are upheld equally. The recent events in the United States and Canada depicting acts of anti-Black racism, as well as the rise of other forms of hate, including anti-Asian racism, anti-Indigenous racism, and Antisemitism, have made it incumbent upon all of us to have informed and regular conversations with children about these issues. While these events are not new and have historical roots, it is essential that we raise our children’s awareness about their own biases and prejudices, the different forms of discrimination and how to stand up against injustices. These discussions should occur at home and at school on a regular basis and not solely in reaction to current events.  


To assist families in having these important discussions, the TDSB’s Equity, Well-Being and School Improvement team have developed TDSB Resource for Families (First Edition). The Urban Indigenous Education Centre has developed resources and reading lists on Anti-Indigenous racism. Additional resources are currently in development.

TDSB  Mental Health Resources

The Toronto District School Board has published a webpage with mental health resources curated specifically for the Covid-19 outbreak by the Social Work Department. You can access the page here:

Our school psychologist has shared  resources for mindful breathing to relieve stress and anxiety:  Primary 4-7-8  Junior 4-7-8

Young children and children with special education needs may be having a hard time understanding COVID-19 and social distancing.  Here are two social stories that may help:

Social Distancing (social story)   Germs (social story)


TDSB Resources for Learning at Home:  Library to Go!

Here are two ways to access the Virtual Library:

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All resources are password protected when used at home. Below are a few highlights of resources used by students at school. More passwords and resources are listed on the Virtual Library Learnmark.



Grade Levels

Pebble Go (K - 4) and Pebble Go Next (3 - 6)

K - 4

Capstone (eBooks)

3 - 10

Encylopedie Universalis Jr

4 - 12


K - 12

TABvvue (French and English)

2 - 10

Kids InfoBits

K - 5


 Websites for Learning:

 Free Apps for Learning and Creating:

Ward 16 Shared Google Drive Folder

Please click here for Ward 16 At Home Learning Resources  shared by Trustee Michelle Aarts and collected by Teachers and Parents: Google Drive Folder