School Yard Master Plan and Survey

The Greening Committee of Gledhill's School and Community Association (SACA) has worked very hard in conjunction with North Design Office (Landscape Architectural Designers) to begin the development of a 'Master Plan' for the Gledhill School Yard. The Master Plan is intended to provide a longterm vision and strategy for making our dreams become a reality and will be used as a guide to restore and enhance the school yard. The North Design Office has compiled a variety of options for the Master Plan and is asking for your feedback. After using the link provided to print out the survey, please look at the images below to view the possible options and complete the survey in order to give us your feedback on what you would like to see included in the final draft of the Master Plan. Once completed, the survey can be returned to the Gledhill School Office.

Gledhill Survey (12K 12/6/2007)

Recess Activities

Community Use

Sports Activities

Passive Activities

Creative Play Activities

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