About Us

H J Alexander Community School (GR. JK-05)

H.J. Alexander Community School is located in the community of Weston on the corner of King Street and George Street. The original school was built in 1892. It was replaced by a new building in 1958. The third school on the original site was officially opened in September 1995. 
In addition to our regular programs from JK to Grade 5, we offer programs for English Language Learners and Reading Intervention.  Approximately 500 children contribute to a learning environment that is rich with an exciting diversity of languages and cultures.
Phone:(416) 394-2359
Fax:(416) 394-4169
Address:30 King St, York, ON, M9N 1K9
Principal:Lisa Gagliardi
Vice-Principal(s):Joan Williams
Office Staff:Andreia Rocha
School Council Chair(s):Elissa Riddell
Superintendent:Kwame Lennon
Learning Network:LN03
Trustee:Liban Hassan
Ward:Ward 6