School Initiatives

School Initiatives

Future Aces:

September - Respect

October - Responsibility

November - Empathy

December - Kindness & Caring

January - Teamwork

February - Fairness

March - Integrity

April - Co-operation

May - Integrity

June - Perseverance

Nutrition Program 

“The Healthy Learning Health Living initiative is focused on changing the lifestyle of students, families and communities to enhance food literacy and adoption of health and nutritious eating habits. It includes a variety of approaches such as community outreach, education, curriculum, marketing and funding.” - TDSB Nutrition Webpage.
Our school has been running a Nutrition Program for a number of years now that provides participating students with a Morning Meal. We have asked for parental support for our morning meal program by providing a donation to our program.

To learn more about Nutrition in the TDSB, visit the Nutrition Webpage:

Spirit Days 
Each month of the school year HJ has a Spirit Day that is aimed at promoting school spirit and infusing a little bit of fun! The class with the most school spirit receives a reward. Some examples of past Spirit Days are: Hat, Hair, and Hijab Day; Stripe Day; Letter and Number Day; Jersey Day; and many more.