Transition to Hodgson Middle School

Hodgson Middle School, September 2018

The recommendation of the Program Area Review Team (PART) for the Yonge-Eglinton Review was that Hodgson Senior Public School become a Grade 6 to 8 middle school (English and Extended French streams). As a result of the grade change, the school's name will change to Hodgson Middle School. This was approved by the Board in February 2016.

Also, the Ministry of Education has provided the Board with a grant of $5.84M under their Capital Priorities Program to support a 12-classroom addition at Hodgson Sr. PS. This grant will provide accommodation relief to the school in the form of 276 additional pupil places.

An Update on the Hodgson Addition

Please take a moment to read this update on the Hodgson Addition provided by Trustee Laskin.

Update on Portable Layout

We have been allocated six portables to support the transition to Hodgson Middle School in September 2017. The original plan was to place the portables in a north-south line on the west border or the field, which allowed for student entry/exit to and from the school and ensured that our field could still be used for phys. ed. programming as well as extra-curriculars

Unfortunately the north-south line configuration is just not possible.  To accommodate the six portables, TDSB staff have created a new configuration, which is five portables in a north-south line and one portable on the north border of our field. This configuration support our goals of student entry/exit and also use of the field.

If you want to see how this will look, TDSB staff have provided us with a drawing of the portable layout.

After-School Supervision

The supervision currently in place will be the same when we are a Middle School.  

At the end of the day, our staff supervise the yard for 15 minutes after the dismissal of students from classes (we called this Yard Duty). At the end of those 15 minutes, staff ask the students to go to their next place where they are being supervised. This of course does not apply to the clubs or teams being supported at the school as there are teachers supervising those events after school hours. 

We want our current, new and/or returning families and students to know that there is no supervision of the school yard after the 15 minute yard duty ends.