Is My Child An Appropriate Candidate?

Informed Decision Making

Extended French is not for every child!

It is not uncommon to receive requests from parents during the school year to move their children from the Extended French program back into the English program. Students leaving the Extended French program are required to return to their local or home school as determined by their home address.

So how do you know if your child is a "good candidate" for Extended French?

While one can never be absolutely sure, here are some questions to guide you in your decision-making. If your responses are mostly positive, then chances are that your child will experience success in a second language program. It is also a good idea to meet with your child's current teacher to explore whether or not your child would be appropriate for the Extended French program.
  • Did your child learn to speak his or her first language, such as English, easily?
  • Is your child a good listener?
  • Is your child able to focus attentively or is she or he easily distracted?
  • Does your child learn new things independently or does an adult need to be close by?
  • Does your child have any auditory or hearing difficulties?
  • Is your child easy to understand when she or he speaks?
  • Is your child able to express ideas clearly or ask questions appropriately for his or her age?
  • Does your child use age appropriate vocabulary?
  • Is your child interested in learning another language?
  • Is your child interested in print materials such as books, or in learning the alphabet and its corresponding sounds?
  • Do you read to your child on a regular basis and are you willing to help your child develop literacy skills in his or her first language?
If you decide against Extended French for your child, you should know that she or he will receive French as a Second Language, or Core French instruction, beginning in Grade 4 for 40 minutes a day. As well, there are Extended French Programs offered beginning in Grade 7.