Huron Street Junior Public School

Huron Street Public Street

Principal's Welcome  

Welcome to Huron Street Junior Public School, located in the Annex neighbourhood of Toronto. Our school serves nearly 350 students. Over two-thirds are of English-speaking backgrounds with the remaining third representing about 40 other language groups.

Our students, our staff and our community are second to none. The focus at Huron is on academic excellence. We work hard to create an inclusive, safe, friendly and stimulating environment where students, staff, parents/caregivers and others are valued and respected for their diversity and uniqueness. We are dedicated to providing exemplary programming for our students. Our programs foster academic excellence, critical thinking, self-discipline and a love of learning. We believe that all children can learn successfully and attain high levels of academic and social success. Walk into our school and I am sure you will understand what we mean.

At Huron we recognize that language is the key to all learning. We provide our students with the skills to be Critical Thinkers by the Higher Order Questions we ask them (Blooms Taxonomy and Q-Chart). Our primary classes provide Balanced Literacy programs that meet the needs of all learners. We use appropriate assessment and evaluation strategies to drive instruction. Our classes are equipped with resources in math and language that improve student achievement and support the implementation of the Ontario Curriculum. Our teachers also integrate the Arts into classroom programs across the school.

Huron Street Public School offers programs from Kindergarten to Grade 6. Five local daycare centres feed into the school. The Superfriends Daycare facility is an on-site school-age daycare for students in Grades 1-6.

Peter Rewega

Principal - Huron St.