Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

If your child has any allergies, please report them to your child's teacher.  If these allergies are potentially life threatening or require the use of medication, please contact the Principal.


It is expected that all of our students will be in attendance at school and on time each day.  Students who arrive late at school must check in at the office.  Supervision is provided between 8:45 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. each day.  Students should be supervised by parents/caregivers outside of those hours.

Students who are absent from school with a communicable infection may only return to school with a doctor's note that states that their condition is no longer contagious.  The school administration will be able to advise as to which infections are considered communicable.

Should the custody status of your child change at any time, we request that you immediately notify the school.  Should there be a court order involved, please send a copy to the school so that we may act accordingly.

Field Trips
Teachers plan field trips to help enrich students' experiences and programmes.  Local walks are made within the community to libraries, stores or parks.  For excursions which involve greater distances, we use TTC or chartered bus.  Staff members and other responsible adults supervise children.  Parents are informed of all trips planned and parent volunteers are always appreciated.

Fire Drills
Fire drills are held at least six times during the year.  This helps students and staff members become aware of evacuation procedures in the case of fire.

As  the ultimate aim of education is to foster continuous learning, it is important that our children receive encouragement and praise for both in school and out of school efforts.  Homework in an elementary school not only provides a reinforcement of concepts and an opportunity for enrichment, but also establishes routines that will be used lifelong.  In order to be successful, we cannot underestimate the partnership needed between home and school.  The TDSB's Homework Policy is included in the first day information packet for parents.

All school children in Ontario are required to have proof of immunization against diphtheria, measles, mumps, poliomyelitis, rubella & tetanus. Proof of such must be directed to the Principal's attention.  If you choose not to have your child immunized an official "Exemption Form" available from your doctor must be given to the school and Public Health instead.

Every year, parents have the opportunity to purchase insurance for their child.  Coverage includes life, medical and dental benefits.  We strongly encourage you to consider this offer.  Please read the brochure carefully when it is sent home in September.  Our school has no direct involvement in or benefit from the program.  We only provide an awareness of the service.

Lockdown procedures are practiced at least twice during the year.  This helps students and staff members be aware of the necessary steps to take in an emergency. 

Lost and Found
Our Lost and Found structure is located in the front foyer of the school.  If your child loses clothing, he/she should look there once he/she has checked his/her class area.  To help identify clothing and other personal possessions, it is helpful to have the student's name on each item.

We request that valuable items such as radios, personal listening devices, electronic games, jewelry and large sums of money not be brought to school.  We cannot be responsible for such items, if they go missing.  Remember also that potential weapons (e.g., pocket knives, nail files, chains, etc.,) must remain at home.

Lunch Program
It is extremely beneficial for students to have a break from school during the lunch period, so we encourage all families to make arrangements for their children to eat at home or another alternative location whenever possible. Students should then return to the school yard at 12:40pm.

When alternative lunchtime arrangements cannot be made, a supervised lunchtime program is available for students in Grades 1 to 6.  A parental consent form must be completed by the parent/guardian stating the days the student will participate in the programme.  Students are encouraged to compost, recycle and to bring litter-less lunches.  We have a "Boomerang Lunch" program here at Huron, and all garbage from lunches is sent home again.

Students who stay for lunch are expected to remain on school property and to cooperate fully with the lunchroom supervisors.  It is not recommended that parents/guardians allow students to go to nearby restaurants due to safety and supervision concerns.  If a student is registered in the lunch program, a signed note from a parent/guardian is required to give the child permission to leave school property during the lunch period.

Please be aware it is a privilege for your child to eat lunch at school and that unacceptable behaviour may result in withdrawal from this setting.

The school administrative staff must administer all prescription medication.  Medications should be left at the office and a note must accompany them that gives the school permission to administer the medication, along with information on dosage.

Ontario School Record (O.S.R.)
Every student in an Ontario public school has an Ontario Student Record file.  Within it are kept copies of the student's report cards and other documents pertinent to his/her educational program.  Parents may request to see the contents of their child's file.  This file is forwarded to any other publicly funded Ontario school that the child may attend.

Pediculosis (Head Lice)
From time to time there may be an outbreak of pediculosis (head lice) in your child's class.  When this occurs, parents are notified and asked to take appropriate action.  Current Board policy instructs schools to exclude students until they have been treated and are free of nits.  Students are checked upon their return to school.  Pediculosis is not a sign of poor health care or hygiene.

Our programs are based on the Ontario Curriculum.  Early in each school year, our "Meet the Teacher Night" is held at the school to present an outline of the program plans for your child's class.  Should you wish any clarification about your child's program at any time, please contact your child's teacher.

Reporting and Communication
The staff of Huron Street Junior Public School believes that ongoing communication between the home and the school is essential. This occurs in many ways: 
  • Parents/caregivers or school staff may initiate phone calls to discuss student progress and behaviour.
  • Teachers prepare report cards at regular intervals during the year which assess student progress.
  • Parents/caregivers may request and set up interviews at any time of the year.  Days are set aside for formal interviews after report card distribution.
  • Some classrooms have their own websites which help students and parents keep track of classroom activities and assignments.
  • These opportunities are provided to share information and concerns about your child and to develop strategies for his/her progress.
Safe Arrival
Should your child not be able to come to school due to illness or an appointment, please call 416-393-1570.  During school hours, someone may take your call; at all other times, leave a message on our answering machine.  Please give the child's name, room number, anticipated length of absence and reason for absence.

School Council
Our School Council meets regularly during the school year.  We welcome parental input and all parents are invited to contribute to School Council discussions.  Child care is provided.

We try to keep personal calls to students to a minimum so they will not interrupt classroom programming.  We request that you limit these incoming calls to those that are essential.

There is a phone in the office available for students to use in an emergency.  Where possible, we request that students make their lunch-time and after school plans with their parents before leaving for school earlier in the day.

Traffic Safety
We participate in traffic safety programs in conjunction with the police to develop traffic safety skills in our students.  Crossing guards are posted at various intersections in the community to ensure the safety of our children.  Please encourage your child to cross at crosswalks and to follow the crossing guards' instructions.  Please obey the speed limit on Huron Street and surrounding streets.  Remember that children can sometimes behave unpredictably when crossing the road.  We also ask you to please watch for students as you enter and leave the parking lot on the property.

All visitors to the school during regular school hours are required to check in at the office.  This request does not apply to parents/caregivers leaving or meeting their children before 9:00 a.m. or after 3:30 p.m.

There are times when parents are able to work in classes or programmes using their talents and strengths.  All volunteers must have a Police Reference Check.   If you would like to volunteer please let us know at the office and we can give you the necessary forms.