Student News

Forest of Reading

Article written by A.S. and S.K.

This program is about reading new books by Canadian authors! The program is for students in grades 3-12. If you read 5 or more books in the selection of 10 books you get to vote for your favourite book. If that book gets the most votes the author of that book wins the Forest of Reading award. 

This program is optional and run by our librarian, Ms. Farrow. There is this tree mural in our library that we add a paper leaf to with a rating of the book we read.

This program is for people who like reading. You have until April to finish reading because that is when the Forest of Reading voting festival occurs.

House League at Iroquois!

Article written by A.A.

House League is a program where every grade 1 - 6 student has been put in a different colour house (black, blue, green, grey, maroon, orange, purple, red). House points are based on the attendance. Students who attend and are wearing clothing in their team colour will get 2 points. Students who attend but aren’t wearing their team colour will receive 1 point. The results of whatever activity is happening do not factor into house points. The meetings are in the gym during the outdoor portion of the lunch hour. The house league winning colour house will be announced at the end of the school year. For more information about this exciting program please speak to Mr. Kilbride.