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Our School has a COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream Funding Project.

Island Public/Natural Science School

Meet the Teacher - Curriculum Night Notice

Curriculum Night


Welcome to the Island Public Natural Science School, located on Centre Island!

principal Pieters


Presently our school serves approximately 210 Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 students who are from Toronto's Ward and Algonquin Islands (Island-side), and the Harbourfront Community (City-side).  We are an inclusive education 'Community of Learners'. We strive to build a school community that centres fairness, diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging. Our school will ensure that the curriculum, teaching, learning and extended learning experiences amplify the voices of our students for their roles as active, thoughtful, socially responsible citizens now and into the future. We focus on academic excellence by providing our students with the learning skills and work habits that they will use throughout schooling and adult life. We will achieve this by collaborating and working together with students, staff, school district central-office staff, parents and community partners to create an inclusive, caring, safe, relationship-based environment where students learn to value one another and build the skills necessary to self-regulate their learning through inquiry.  Creating the conditions for an equitable and inclusive school environment that reflect a relationship-based approach, IPS is able to continue to focus on student and staff well-being, safety and achievement.  We endeavour to provide exemplary programming for our students by instilling critical thinking and inquiry, self-regulation  a love of learning, and 21st century technology-enabled learning tools that align with the digital environment in which they live and learn. It will be our collective efficacy that allows all children to learn successfully and attain high levels of academic and social success.

Gary Pieters