Severe Weather Procedures

Weather Conditions

Weather Conditions - Please be sure to check back for updates.


*NEW* Island PS Severe Weather and Contingency Plans



The City of Toronto at times issues extreme weather alerts.  Although we do not anticipate ferry closures or bus cancellations, there is always a possibility that this could happen.  Due to our unique location and the fact that our school can only be accessed by buses, the Island Public School operates under special guidelines.  In the event that weather conditions and unplowed roads prevent bus transportation of students the following contingency plan will be put in place:

  • A voice message will be posted on the school answering machine indicating bus cancellation, possible relocation and/or school closure. 
  • An email will also be sent via the Principal to indicate whether the buses to the school have been cancelled and possible relocation and/or school closure.
  • A notice will also be posted on our school’s webpage on the TDSB’s site with updated information
  Please check any of these sources, as well as any of the news channels to find out what’s happening if we have a snow storm.
  • For further information regarding the TDSB’s Severe Weather procedures, follow the link at:
  • School Day Weather