Supervision & Transportation of Students

Supervision & Transportation of Students

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IPS Drop-Off and Pick-Up Student Routines - May 17, 2023 until further notice

How do the Island Public School Students get to and from school?

  • City-side Students: These students take a ferry and school bus to get to the school. The students are met at the ferry docks by our Student Travel Safety Assistants who supervise students prior to the 8:15 a.m. ferry departure for grades 1-6 students, and 9:00 am ferry for grades JK and SK students. They are supervised on the ferry and the school bus.  Students arrive back in the city at 4:00pm. 
  • Island-side Students: Students take the school bus from Ward's Island at 8:30am and Algonquin Island students are picked up at approximately 8:30am. These students are dropped off at 3:45pm at the Island-side ferry docks by school bus.



Student safety is our number one concern.  The following supervision practices for our students have been developed in consultation with Caring and Safe School committee, teaching staff, School Council and the Board's legal department to clarify supervision responsibilities of students as they travel to and from the Island Public School.  The Island School is unique in the sense that many of our students cross a body of water to attend school  Legislative provisions (Education Act, Child and Family Services Act and Criminal Code) address the supervision of children and these have been used in guiding our practices.

A) Supervision on the Ferry

  • The school provides supervision for students on the ferry by Student Travel Safety Assistants (Grade 1 to 6 Students - 8:00am/4:15pm; Kindergarten Students - 8:15am/4:15pm).
  • The school does not provide supervision on the ferry at any other times during the school day.  Therefore, students riding the ferry at any other times would not be traveling under the supervision of any board/school staff.
  • Please be advised that students are to be 10 years of age (Grade 5) and older to travel unaccompanied from the school back to the city during the day for appointments, lessons, etc..  As a result, students under the age of 10 will not be released by the school to travel back to the city unaccompanied.  We ask parents to make arrangements with the school when it is necessary for their child(ren) to return to the city unexpectedly or for appointments.  This will mean a parent/guardian will have to come over to the Island to meet the school bus and take their child back to the city.

B) Supervision When Cycling To & From the Island Ferry Docks and School

  • Allowing Students the option to bike to school will continue to be on hold for the Fall of 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, specific cohorts protocols determined by the TDSB and continues to be under review by the TDSB.

C) Supervision of Students & The End of the School Day

All parents/guardians must make arrangements for the supervision and care of their children at the end of the school day.

  1. Island-side Students: Parents are responsible for receiving their children when the bus driver drops them off and must make arrangements they deem appropriate
  2. City-side Students: Our Student Travel Safety Assistants provide supervision for students on the city-side docks (Kindergarten - 4:15pm; Grade 1 to 6 - 4:15pm).  Parents are responsible for receiving their children after 4:15pm respectfully and must make whatever arrangements they deem appropriate.  Students are always reminded that they are to stay close to the supervisors until their parents/guardians arrive at the ferry docks as it can be very busy at the docks at the end of the day.

It is essential that your child be met by a parent/guardian, caregiver, responsible adult designated by the parent/guardian.  We would like to remind all parents/guardians that they are responsible for making decisions regarding the appropriateness of having their child walk home from the school, bus, or ferry after school since they are fully responsible for the supervision and safety of their child(ren) at the Island School.  We will continue to practice with written parent/guardian permission that students who are at least 10 years of age could walk home from the ferry docks.


Does the Ferry Operate in the Winter?

  • Yes is does - it operates year round. At times there are several different ferry schedules depending on the inner harbour ice conditions. The school will provide necessary updates.

Who Supplies Ferry Tickets?

  • The Toronto District School Board covers the cost for the students' transportation on the ferry through the submission of our daily attendance figures.

What do I do if my child becomes ill at school?

  • The school will contact you if your child becomes ill while at school.
  • City-side Students: If your child has to go home then parents of children in kindergarten to grade 5 (up to 10 years of age) come over on the ferry and meet their child at the island-side ferry docks. Students 10 years and older may travel on the ferry by themselves; however if the school feels a child is tool ill to travel alone, parents will be requested to meet their child on the island-side ferry docks. Parents must meet them at the city-side dock.
  • Island-side Students: If your child has to go home then parents of children in kindergarten to grade 5 (up to 10 years of age) meet the bus driver at the island-side ferry docks. Students 10 years and older may walk home alone from the island-side ferry docks; however if the school feels a child is too ill to walk alone, parents will be requested to meet their child on the island-side ferry docks.

In extreme cases Emergency Services may be contacted and will assist in arranging transportation. A staff member will travel with the student and parents will be notified as to where to meet on the city-side.

What do I do if my child is not coming to school?

  • If you child is going to be absent from school, parents/guardians must call the school and leave a message at 416-393-1910 Press 1.
  • Please provide the name of your child and the student's class and teachers.

Do Kindergarten Students sign-in with the Student Travel Safety Assistants?

  • No.  Parents are requested to check-in with the Student Safety Travel Assistants at the ferry docks inside the compound and inform them that they have arrived.

Are parents/guardians allowed to escort their child onto the ferry?

  • Parents should not accompany children onto the ferry.
  • Please note: The ferry personal may not allow parents to access the ferry as it is considered a restricted area for passengers only.
  • All IPS Parents/Guardians are to carry and show the Parent Access Card which will allow temporary access to the Jack Layton Ferry Docks fare-paid zone.

Are students allowed out on the deck of the ferry?

  • No.  All students are inside the cabins under the supervision of their Student Travel Safety Assistants.