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John G Althouse Middle School (GR. 06-08)

 John G. Althouse (JGA) is a dual track middle school (Regular and Gifted Programs) in the Martingrove/Eglinton area. At JGA we are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment which fosters the holistic growth of our students. We celebrate the diversity of our school community, valuing each student as unique individuals and learners, to ensure that everyone experiences all aspects of personal growth: intellectually, physically, emotionally and artistically. Our halls are full of athletes, musicians, mathematicians, scientists, cooks, social activists, woodworkers, environmentalists, artists, writers, readers, thinkers, collaborators and leaders. We encourage students to support each other and to reach out to our community.

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Phone:(416) 394-7580
Address:130 Lloyd Manor Rd, Etobicoke, ON, M9B 5K1
Principal:Kimberly Lee
Vice-Principal(s):Alexandra O'Donnell
Office Staff:Lynda Tran
School Council Chair(s):Marcia Warren
Jeannette Verdes
Superintendent:Alison Gaymes San Vicente
Learning Network:LN02
Trustee:Dan MacLean
Ward:Ward 2