Ask the Counselor October 26, 2018 Featured Article

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Dear Grade 8 Parents,

Thank you for attending the Beyond 8/Choices Information Evening. If you did not get a chance to attend, I look forward to meeting you another time.  I am attaching the Beyond 8 placemat to review some of the important information and dates related to transitions.

Grade 8 Placemat 

Remember you can follow me on Twitter @counsellorball. My email is  Students, teachers, parents and administration can fill out a referral form and/or email me with a request and/or a question. Please let me know your child’s name, homeroom, homeroom teacher and school they are presently attending.


Here is a quick summary of some of the main points I made to you for “homework”…

- Please remind your child to continue to demonstrate respect for themselves, others and the school environment on a daily basis (placing litter and recycling in proper containers).

-  Please remind your child to speak their truth, keeping information factual and admitting if they made a mistake during the process. Students need to tell an adult at home or school if they are being picked on for any reason, feel sad, depressed, they may need to advocate for themselves related to academics and social/emotional concerns in high school etc.

- We want all students to MOVE UP- by increasing their knowledge and marks AND MOVE FORWARD by learning from their mistakes (personally, socially, emotionally, relationships etc.). Please ask them: Are you moving up and moving forward? Can you explain how? (strategy, goal).

- Strong and consistent communication between your child and yourself is very important because we are competing with social media and peer pressure for information and support (which may not be accurate and positive).

- Please remind your child that you are not too busy for them to talk to you about school and life.

- Speak your truth when helping them get through a mistake and be honest about being disappointed but letting them know that we can get through this together and  move forward (modelling a growth mindset).

All the students have been respectful to me and I want to thank you for all your hard work as a parent/guardian! Keep up the good work!

Two web sites to remember…  - Click high school and find your school for any inquiries.

                            - All students are encouraged to attend their secondary homeschool information  

                              night and any other information nights of interest.  -    Student can login and add you by clicking their initials (top right on

                                         screen) and using the add the link feature and fill in your name and      


  • Students are completing all 6 surveys and viewing the report (click the ALL ABOUT ME button), adding at least 3- 5 goals; (click the home button on the left and then click goals). A goal related to academics, a personal goal, a goal related to their learning skills (report card) and a goal related to the character attributes (respect, responsibility, honesty, etc.).

ALL grade 8 students will be filling out their final course selection sheet using 

All students are asked to fill out course selection sheets for their homeschool but remember they are only submitting one final course selections sheet for the school they get accepted to/choose (e.g. homeschool) and you approve for them to attend. This will be happening in February.

Mr. B.