Ask the Counselor December 14, 2018

Saturday, December 15, 2018 07:10 AM

The Red Nose Campaign is happening at JGA during the lunch period on Monday and Thursdays.  We are selling Red Noses (that light up) for $3.00 each to raise money for urgent school needs through the Toronto Foundation for Student Success.

Please support our campaign as we would like to sell all 40 red noses and raise money for a worthy cause. This is our last week for this campaign. 


JGA is continuing their Mental Health and Well- Being Program, based on our symposium last year. This year we are focussing on self-care strategies/activities and resources for students.  The Mental Health and Well-Being committee (students and parents) are currently working on a SELF- CARE plan to be completed by students. We are hoping that each student will receive and complete a SELF-CARE template early in the New Year.

We are also inviting TDSB approved organizations, throughout the year, to present information/strategies/activities about Mental Health and Well-Being to all our students.  

Another initiative is to redesign the Counselling Office as a place of Mindfulness, Meditation and Reflection when students are feeling anxious and/or stressed out during the day. 

If any families would like to donate exercise balls for the students to sit on during this time, it would be greatly appreciated. Gently used exercise balls are welcome. Please send them into the school and they will eventually make it to Mr. B’s office.