School Re-Opening :  As per the TDSB protocol we will be staggering the school opening.  Please see the chart below for your child’s first day of school.


September 15th, 2020

SK, Grade 4, Grade 8 (including Gifted)

September 16th, 2020

JK, Grade 1, Grade 7 (including Gifted)

September 17th, 2020

Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 5, Grade 6

Covid Checklist :  Parents are required to go through the Covid checklist every morning with their child and ensure that they are not exhibiting any symptoms.  You should have been sent a Covid Checklist via email.  We will be also be sending home this checklist on green paper the first day of school for all K-6 students.  Please ensure that you sign this checklist every day.  If your child answers yes to any of the questions, please keep them at home.  If your child indicates to their teacher that they are not feeling well, or that they did not complete a Covid check at home, they will be sent to our Wellness Room in room 9B, where the staff supervisor will call you to pick up your child and take them home.

New Bell Times:  The following are the proposed new Bell Times for classes. Please drop off or have your child arrive as close to the Entry times as possible.


8:50 am

Period 1

9:00 -9:40

Period 2


Period 3


Period 4


Grade 7 Lunch

Period 5


K-6 Lunch

Period 6


Grade 8 Lunch

Period 7


Period 8


Period 9


Class Lists  will be sent out on Monday.

Parent Access to School:   We are not allowing parents or other volunteers into the school.  Parents are to drop their child off at the specified door.  If you wish to speak to office staff or a teacher, please call 416-393-1320 and make an appointment.  Unless you are picking up your child from the Wellness room, you will not be granted entry to the school.

Student Readiness: Please ensure that students come to school with a litterless lunch, change of shoes, and ready for any outside weather. Every student will be going outside every day, twice a day, to get fresh air.  Barring a huge thunderstorm, we are going to try to get students outside every day. Please send an umbrella with your child! Also for the 7 and 8 students, a binder, and pen/pencil and some paper.  And if you can, markers, pencil crayons and scissors (especially for our younger students) so that they don’t have to share.  If you don’t have those items, we will provide them to you.  

Entry/Exit Routines: As many of you know, the entry for students has changed.  Students will be expected to line up at a specific door both in the morning and after lunch, (door to be communicated on Monday with the class lists) physically distant apart in their cohorts. Teachers will meet their classes at the door and will be looking for the signed Covid and Wellness Check when they enter in the am. Students will be exit through the same door that they enter and will be escorted by their teacher to exit the building.  Mr. Fabbri and I walked around the school and designated doors for each class, based on proximity to their classroom.  We are using as many doors as possible to reduce the number of students in any given area.

Lockers:  Students will not be using lockers this year.  All students will need to have their backpacks and if possible a small fanny pack to carry their belongings.  It would be useful if all students had a small fanny pack with a mask, personal hand sanitizer and gloves to take with them when they go outside.

Building Readiness : Our caretakers and staff have been working extremely hard to get the building ready and safe for your children to come to school. Rooms have been disinfected and we have signage and decals on the floor in the hallways and stairwells to indicate flow of traffic when/if students are entering or exiting the building.  We will have two caretakers on day shift every day to do enhanced cleaning, meaning they will disinfect high touch surfaces twice a day.  Classes who share with daycare, will have the class cleaned before students enter their class and before daycare students enter at the end of the school day.  Daycare staff have their own protocols for keeping the classroom disinfected and will communicate that directly with daycare parents.  Our Boiler was replaced 2 years ago.  We have HEPA filters and the TDSB protocol will be applied.. ie having 100% fresh air flowing through the vents into the school.  We also have windows that open, and most of our windows were also replaced in the past two years.  These windows open from the top and bottom to give maximum air flow to the classrooms.


# of students



Gr 1


Gr 2/3


Gr 4/5


Gr 6/7


Gr 7/8


Gr 8


Gr 8


7 Extended French


7 French Immersion A


7 French Immersion B


7 French Immersion C


7 Gifted A


8 Extended French


8 French Immersion A


8 French Immersion B


8 Gifted A


8 Gifted B



Lunch: Students will eat lunch in their classroom supervised by their teacher.  They will eat their lunch 10-15 minutes before the lunch period. They will be escorted outside, where they will be supervised by lunchroom supervisors and teachers for their 40 minute lunch period.  I understand that there is concern that we are not physically distancing while lunch is being eaten and masks are off.  Students eating will not be permitted to have conversations with their peers (they can do that outside) and must remain in their seat while their mask is off.  We will try, as much as possible, to have students as separate as possible while eating.  There is no sharing or trading of food.  We strongly encourage all students to bring a litterless lunch to school.  We also strongly encourage that all students stay on property during their lunch period.  Having said that… if you wish your child to go home for lunch, or off school property, please make sure you inform your child’s teacher.  Students will need to return to school no earlier than 5 minutes before their lunch ends.

Recess/Washroom/Handwashing BreaksEvery class will have a scheduled 10 minute break in the morning and afternoon, which is built into the timetable.  We will schedule the classes for different break times to ensure that there is enough space for students to get some physical education and movement.  Each class will be designated a specific washroom (there are gender neutral washrooms on the main floor for those who require it) and given a specific time for washroom breaks. This will alleviate the congregating of many students in the washroom at the same time.  They will be signage on the door indicating how many students are allowed in at a time and decals on the floor outside the washroom for safe distancing while waiting.  Each class will also have built in handwashing breaks, including at the beginning of the day and before and after eating lunch.  

Classroom Kits :  Our office staff have been working diligently to put everything together including a kit for each teacher.  These  kits will include a reusable mask for every student and disposable masks for every teacher, a bottle of soap for classes with sinks and bottles of hand sanitizer for every class, gloves (sizes small and medium) band aids, face shields for teachers, and a box of hospital grade disinfectant surface cleaner wipes.  We will continue to replenish these items as needed.

  Wellness RoomOur Wellness Room is the room formally known as 9B in the front of the school.  This room will be used for any student or staff member who is not feeling well and/or is exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19. 

School Advisory Council:  or email   Parent Council Website: Our Parent Council now has a website. The link is: Many thanks to Erica Kim for creating and managing the website.  The site contains lots of information and also a “volunteer” button and a “donation” button. Currently, there is information in regards to the recent government cuts to education.  The council is asking that parents visit the website to give feedback.