King Edward Junior and Senior Public School

Grade 8 to 9 Transitions: What’s new? 


TDSB has changed some language around Transition to grade 9



Optional Attendance

Out of Area 

Specialized Programs

Student Interest Programs

Home School

Designated School Based on Address


Processes Out of Area

Students no longer have an “optional attendance” form to fill out. Students who wish to attend an out of area school will have to apply online. If they choose 2 schools***, they will have to rank them Ist and 2nd choice.If they are accepted to their first choice, their second choice is deleted.


There are added classifications for getting into a out of area school



Students can not attend from out of area.*

LIMITED (sibling)**

Only students with a sibling that is already and will be concurrently attending the highschool will be allowed to apply*

LIMITED (sibling** and feeder school)

Only students with a sibling that is already and will be concurrently attending the highschool and students from surrounding feeder schools will be allowed to apply*


Any student can apply. Acceptance is based on school capacity. If applications exceed room, students will be selected randomly

*Does not apply to First Nations, Metis, or Inuit peoples

** This is the last year the sibling classification will apply

Processes: Student Interest Programs

Students have a choice of 2 student interest programs***. Each student interest program has identical applications, ie. all IB programs will have the same application process.

Students have to rank their student interest programs 1st and 2nd. If they receive their first choice their second is discarded.

20% of all programs will be given to Black, Indigenous,Latinx students and Middle Eastern students


*** This is the last year of a selection of 2 programs or schools


French Immersion

Students who move from their school area during elementary school will not be allowed to attend the pathway high school. They will have to attend the French Immersion program in the area they have moved to. 



Contact Information:

Please use the list of contacts below to support staff and schools, internally.  Families and students should connect with their Teachers, Middle Years Student Success Counsellors and Principals for more information.