Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

All members of the Norway community participate in creating a positive, safe, and productive learning environment by doing the following things:

  1. I enter and use all parts of the school safely.
  2. I show respect for myself, for others, for property, and for the environment.
  3. I keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself.
  4. I solve problems peacefully and ask for help when needed.
  5. I participate actively in my own learning by doing my best at all times.
  6. I listen respectfully to all staff and visitors.
  7. I follow instructions the first time they are given.
  8. I am accepting, inclusive, and kind towards others.

Progressive Discipline

Progressive discipline is a whole-school approach that utilizes a continuum of interventions, supports, and consequences to address inappropriate student behaviour and to build upon strategies that promote positive behaviours. When inappropriate behaviour occurs, disciplinary measures should be applied within a framework that shifts the focus from one that is solely punitive to a focus that is both corrective and supportive.

Progressive discipline is a process designed to create the expectation that the degree of discipline will be in proportion to the severity of the behaviour leading to the discipline and that the previous disciplinary history of the student and all other relevant factors will be taken into account.

Progressive discipline must take into account the needs of individual student by showing sensitivity to diversity, to cultural needs, and to special education needs.

Interventions may include:

  • Discussion with a teacher, member of the support staff, or principal
  • Attendance/performance/ behaviour contracts
  • Time Out
  • Reflection Sheet
  • Parental contact and involvement in applying an appropriate remedy
  • Loss of privilege to participate in specified school activities
  • Peer mediation
  • Individual or group counselling
  • Detention
  • Restitution for damage or stolen property
  • Community service
  • Restorative Practices